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Did you find the right way to scale up your business and striving to earn more money with managed services for yourself and your client? The most important part is that we at Tradingswala will provide you with all hand holding support that will assist every associate to grow rapidly and reach the desired goal on time. “Business with care” is the main wheel that drives Tradingswala’s journey smoothly and even the service we offer is to create value in human life as a main object by enabling our associates and clients to grab our service offerings and make use of the opportunity as per their own choice.

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Let’s show you our Work Process

  • Need Understanding

    As a step first we do “need” analysis of people which is our top priority and try to understand their concern and how to address it and we then, take it to the next level.

  • Concept Sharing

    With having the real understanding of any business concept we visualise the entire real business process and we attempt to draw a road map of business.

  • Onboarding

    With gathering of all required & correct information, we onboard our partner or customer towards a successful journey.

  • Development & Support

    In this step our handholding support system will assist them with continuous development for each and every problem area or issues that they confront with anytime, anywhere!

  • Long Term Growth

    As we all know nothing can be built in a single day and for that we will devote our time so as to contribute to your long term growth of business and which will also be sustainable.

An innovation sandbox that leverage latent need of people

About ‘ALL- IN- ONE’ platform/App

Through the evaluation process we make it more transparent, efficient, super-fast, trust worthy & legitimate and yes now it’s a blessing for people to lead a better & secured life.

Why All-in-One platform?

Sometimes we get puzzled because of uncertainty and hesitation at the time of taking a decision or choosing something which will be a right fit for us. So through this Ai1 platform we take the responsibility to arrive at a right decision or to find a suitable fit easily and in a fast way while minimising errors.

Security & Safety

We have provided multiple levels of security to safeguard your App by creating ‘Login/Logout’ option and ‘Application Lock’ features (“Enable Screen Lock”) that can be enabled by you.



We have transformed the human imagination to a technology driven solutions enabled with top features and priority services like super fast processing with customisable options that comes with transparency, affordable pricing and convenient access to 24/7 online support as you want.

Business opportunity

The Ai1 platform delivers enormous value to our on-board partners, known as Tradingswala Business Partners, empowering them with all the essential tools & services to run scalable, successful and a highly professional distribution business.


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Our CSR Programmes

Education Programme‎

Providing rural and semi-rural children with a strong educational foundation

Employing the Unemployed

Connecting unemployed youth to skills training and earning opportunities‎‎

Health Programme‎

Making healthcare knowledge and facilities available to rural communities‎‎

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